Greek Week – Update


As of right now, here are the places we have received for each event in Greek Week:

  • Chariot Race: 2nd
  • Softball: 1st
  • Jeopardy: 2nd
  • Jenga: 2nd
  • Big Event: 1st
  • Crockpot: 2nd
  • KanJam: 2nd
  • Ladder Golf: 1st
  • Cornhole: 1st
  • Water Balloon Toss: 1st
  • Three-Legged Race: 1st
  • Costume Contest: 2nd
  • T-Shirt Design: 2nd
  • Board: 2nd
  • Hype Video: 1st
  • Greek Dance: 2nd
  • Volleyball: 1st
  • Dodgeball: 1st
  • Canoe Battleship: 3rd
  • Track: 2nd
  • Soccer: 1st
  • Tug of War: 1st

Remaining Events: Basketball / Obstacle Course / Football / Scavenger Hunt

Total Scores of All Fraternities: KDR: 704 , PKP: 565, LXA: 643

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